Hello! I’m Kate Sassanelli.
I’m a 30-something and British but my fancy surname comes courtesy of The Husband; also known as my childhood sweetheart and my biggest Law of Attraction achievement to date. I am the founder of Sass Yoga and Wellbeing and my mission is to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and happiness through yoga, nutrition and self-help.
I live in a small ‘out in the sticks’ village of Saddleworth - on the stunning Moors - right on the borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Here, my time is spent with my husband and our two babies - fur-babies - cats to be precise.
Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady.
My yoga practice has shown me how to approach life with eyes wide open, allowing me to achieve a sense of ease and acceptance I never thought possible. Choosing to travel on this journey has changed my life completely and enabled me to embrace the struggles. Challenges will always exist, but thanks to my yoga practice, I have the tools to act efficiently and with great skill.

I am proud to be a Registered Instructor with Yoga Detour - helping to bridge the gap between traditional Yoga and everyday, functional movement. Working closely with Cecily, the founder of Yoga Detour, and being part of an amazing team of talented teachers and coaches, I truly believe that my style of teaching works for everyone; whether you're 20 and striving to bench press 100kg or you're 86 and wanting to carry your own shopping home.

My "Move Well' classes consist of functional Yoga and movement classes and are creative, insightful and most 
importantly, educational.
My yoga journey started in 2006, at an Iyengar Centre near home, with my mum. It was an 8 week Beginners Course, and at the time, being a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, it was all about the physical elements - and a couple of hours every week spent with my mum obvs! Being a dancer from the age of 3, my natural flexibility made me the perfect teacher’s aid and each week, I was used to ‘demo’ certain postures. I loved it instantly. I attended classes on and off for a few years, combining my practise with lifting weights in the gym or at a high intensity, sweaty fitness class.
It wasn't until 2012 I returned to a weekly class. I was suffering really bad with anxiety and depression and having to deal with daily (and nightly) panic attacks. I was signed off work - something, that at the time to me, was just disgraceful. But I couldn't function. I remember my parents spending a week at our house one November, when The Husband was manic with work, just so they could make dinner, clean the house and cuddle me every night whilst I cried.
That time off work was an eye opener. My doctor told me to do something everyday that made me happy. So I did - and I found Yoga again. A weekly local class, which I loved and online classes too - which I could do anytime of day or night (very helpful when tackling insomnia). I was hooked. After 12 months of my own practise, noticing the difference in myself both physically and mentally, I didn't want to keep this amazing exercise to myself. This would be my next step in the fitness world - to become a Yoga Teacher.
Studying started - it was tough and took over 2 years to complete: weekends of practical classes plus written and practical exams and the production of what I can only describe as a 'dissertation'. I've never known anything so detailed and in-depth since university, I thought becoming a Yoga Teacher would be easy - it most certainly was not. But I did it, and I was official!
So much has happened between then and now; from teaching 11 classes a week alongside my full time job, to becoming a fully self-employed Yoga Teacher and taking the biggest leap of my life so far. Classes are focused around improving joint health, strength and functional flexibility and combine my love of Vinyasa, Functional Range Conditioning and Yin Yoga.
My main reason for teaching yoga is to help others - to share what I now know as my 'true passion' in order for people to feel better
about themselves and their life.
I love yoga, I love how it's helped me overcome difficulties and challenges in my life. I love how teaching has made me a better person. I love how, in each of my classes, students get to know each other - I encourage it - they talk, exchange stories and even become friends outside of class.
I love how, bringing individuals together can create a community; a community where people feel safe, welcomed, accepted.
A Sass Community.

Love life- including the challenges, they only make you stronger.